Industrial Property Management

Claussen has experience managing various industrial properties. From routine cleaning checklists, to outdoor property care and management plans. 

More than just management.

Experienced Industrial Property Management Company

Industrial Management

Industrial property management sometimes comes with a larger array of requirements that can go above and beyond what is necessary for standard office or retail properties. 

This is only part of the reasons why your industrial property should be managed by an experienced firm that can handle the work-load and deliver on time.

Committed to our clients and partners for over 70 years.

Understanding relationships, needs, and deadlines. Claussen works closely with our customers to ensure strong stewardship and attention to detail.

Complete Property Management

Mowing, Snow Removal, Irrigation Start ups and Shut Downs & More.

Landscape Design Work

Our in house design department blends creative design models around your brand and vision.

Aggressive Appearance Upkeep & enforcement

Enforce a high standard for your property's appearance through our consistent management care & systems enforcement.

Back Office Support

We bring our highly experienced team of back office professionals in to support our commitments with our customers.

partnering with you.

Claussen Since 1945

Explore how we can tailor a custom solution for your commercial property.